Tomahawk Tutorial

This is not the only way to make a hawk but it works for me.These are the tools I use to drift the hole.

I start with either round or hex stock. You can either hold the piece in a set of tongs or weld a handle to it. I weld a handle just because it works for me.

The next thing is to cut a slot. I use a chisel to hot cut this. You can also mill the slot. Heat the piece and hammer the chisel through.

Next I use a round chisel to open the slot.

The drift is hammered through backwards first. I find that it is easier to get it in the right position with a rounded front than trying to get it right first. If I get it out of line with the narrow edge of the drift first it is a real bear to get it back to the right place.

Don't drive the drift all the way through. That comes in the next heat when I turn the drift to the right position. Still don't drive the drift to it's final width. The drifted hole will deform while drawing the blade.

Heat the piece and draw the width of the blade. This usually takes several heats. I usually draw a little of the length just to get a flat and then draw the width at the blade edge.

When you have the profile you want draw the length.

I usually forge to around +90%. It leaves less clean up at the grinder. On the last forge heat reset the drift and reform the eye.

Normalize and cool. This is when I cut off the handle. Do whatever desired grinding and file work. The only thing left is to heat treat and finish. A couple passes on the buffer usually does the trick. Put your final edge and it's done.