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I use steels such as D2, M2, W2, 5160, and 1060 along with some damascus and other quality steels. I can enhance the blades with custom file work and engravings, add precious metal inlay or mosaic pins to embellish the handles. Brass, steel or epoxy finger guards add class and safety. Some blades get combat cord wraps over ray skin.

Natural woods, bone, horn, and antler make great handles. They can be full tang or hidden.
Cord wraps are full tang over ray skin and usually coated with epoxy to give a hard, durable finish.

Wood, leather, and kydex sheaths.

I forge most from round stock, usually to 95% in coal or gas.
Normalize and harden in the gas forge. Some blades get clay heat treat but most are edge quenched I usually quench usually in Quick Quench oil. I draw in a das oven or salt bath. Grinds are done on a Bator III. Depending on work to be done grits of 35, 50, 80,120,180, 240, to 30 and 40 micron are used. Buffing range from satin to mirror.
Some blades are left rough from the heat treat to give a rustic finish.

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