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Stuff - Belly Keys

For years in our self-defense classes we have taught that awareness is the best way to avoid a confrontation, but sometimes even with all the cautions you can take you can still be caught off guard.

One of the things we tell people is to hold your keys ready as you walk to your car, home, whatever and if attacked to jam them into soft targets as if putting the key into a lock.

Will this stop an attacker? Probably not but it can give the distraction you need to get away. I was thinking the other day... What if you had a key forged from sturdy steel. You could wield it with a little more confidence and have a little better odds to possibly get out of an unfortunate situation. One thing led to another...

This is what I came up with:

Forged with an edge which won't cut you as you casually carry it on a key ring but it is sharp enough and pointy enough to do what it has to..... If it has to!

Someone (our own Mercop) asked, What is it used for? Answer...To open up bellies... Hence the name... Belly Key.

Belly Keys
Belly Keys

Belly Keys

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More examples:

Belly Keys

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ssorted Belly and Claw Keys:

Assorted Belly and Claw Keys

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Belly key   $35.00
Claw key   $25.00
Small Key fob   $5.00
Large key fob   $10.00
Key leash   $15.00

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Click here to order

Fobs and leashes available in assorted colors. Custom keys available.

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